Blogging Guidelines


* Only use your first name, no last names please. You may use the initial of your last name if you need it.
* Never write any personal information, such as last names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses. Keep your personal details secret.
* Only write comments that you want others to read. Always be respectful and never write anything that may offend. All comments will be checked by Mrs Rogers before they are posted for others to see.
* Please use the correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, and make sure you edit your work. If you can, ask an adult to check your comments before you submit them.
* Tell Mrs Rogers about anything that looks silly or is inappropriate.

* If you are using an Avatar, no photographs that identify you please. Upload drawing or cartoon creations only.



* Please do not identify yourself by last name or any other personal details.
* If you are a parent, please refer to yourself as ” Steve’s Dad” or “Ted H’s Mum” – Remember no last names.
* Ensure comments are relevant to the learning that is occurring in our classroom.
* Make sure your comments are general, and not referring to specific students or their work.
* All comments are moderated by Mrs Rogers and will be approved before they appear on our blog.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Guidelines

  1. Hey Emerson and Kurt, I’m in Perth at the moment which is way over on the other side of the country. There are no bush fires here like there are over there in NSW. The skies are clear blue, but the wind makes the days very cold. I’m looking forward to visiting Adventureland whilst I am over here and also traveling down to Margaret River. Take care over there. Hormone.

  2. Hi 2R, that bump was funny! It was very weird too – very very weird. Kinta is a bird right? How about taking him on a aeroplane or helicopter?

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