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Over the past couple of weeks we have been working really hard on creating interesting settings to introduce a narrative text. We have discovered that a great setting includes these details: – t... Read More

Odd or Even?

Every day during our maths routine we focus on our number of the day. We write it in words; work out ten less and ten more, one less and one more; expand it; draw it – you name it, we do it! Ano... Read More


Today in science we explored the properties of cooked spaghetti. Here is what we came up with:   After feeling the spaghetti and talking about how cooking changes it, we were able to use the spag... Read More

We Love Science!

This term, our science topic is Spot the Difference. We will be observing and testing food items to see how they change when subjected to heating, cooling etc. Lots of fun! Well, to get our minds into... Read More