Rhyme Time

Come on everybody – it’s time to rhyme! Rhyming words sound the same at the end. It can be tricky to pick out rhyming words at first but, with lots of practice, you can be a rhyming expert... Read More

KR Kids are Learners!

Well, we have been at school for three weeks now and we are developing new knowledge and skills every day. Some of our class members can be seen in the photos below, doing lots of different activitie... Read More

Fruit and Veges Galore

Throughout the past few weeks, we have been compiling a list of fruit and vegetables, as well as learning some facts about their history, availability and uses. The most important thing we realised is... Read More

Cows That Type?

Now, wait a minute! I know cows are very intelligent animals but . . . . . typing? In Doreen Cronin’s brilliant book, Click Clack Moo – Cows That Type, we meet some very savvy cows who cer... Read More

5 uses for a word wall

We love our word wall. We refer to it all the time and regularly use it during reading group activities. Take a look at it (and when you do, try to spot the few words in the wrong columns!): This is j... Read More

What’s it all about?

Our focus skill in Literacy at the moment is determining importance. Being able to identify the main idea and supporting details of a text helps us to become better readers, as we can tell the differe... Read More