From time to time, 2R class members may be asked to carry out a science experiment at home and photograph the process to share with their classmates. Take a look at the interesting experiments!

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These are Riley’s mung beans. It didn’t take long for the beans to change into leafy plants. Yummo – add those to my salad, please.

On the other hand, look at the disgusting changes in Lachlan’s shredded cheese! I’ll have none of this on MY pizza, thanks.

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Kirby observed the changes in her carrot garden over time. I can’t wait for them to be harvested! Maybe Cactus will score one . . . .

Vaughan cut an apple in half and recorded the changes that took place over the next few days. The beautiful, juicy red apple didn’t take long to change into an inedible state!



Kurt produced a wonderful video to show how his father’s favourite tree changes over time. Take a look!


7 thoughts on “Science

  1. Hi Riley and Lachlan

    I saw the photos of your experiments. They’re cooooooooooool!

    Regards Kurt

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