Cows That Type?

Now, wait a minute! I know cows are very intelligent animals but . . . . . typing? In Doreen Cronin’s brilliant book, Click Clack Moo – Cows That Type, we meet some very savvy cows who certainly know how to get what they want. Click here to view the text. By the way, the illustrations by Betsy Lewin are wonderful too. Here’s a sample:


So, if you had to choose the most clever farm animal, which would it be? Why? Think carefully about your response, then leave a comment to voice your opinion. Remember to check on our Blogging Guidelines page to ensure that your comment will be published.

One thought on “Cows That Type?

  1. Hi 2/3R!

    I love this book! A few years ago my class performed the book as an assembly item. Have you read the sequel – Click Clack Quack? If you would like to borrow it that would be fine.

    Miss Beavis

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