Kinta’s Travels

Kinta, our school mascot, is a safe, respectful learner.
He also loves to travel.


Nepean River, Penrith

What a beautiful day out!

Kinta flew to one of his favourite spots in the local area – Tench Reserve.He had a chat with his duck friends, whom he hadn’t seen in a while. Kinta visited some of his favourite trees.

Kinta may see YOU down at Tench Reserve one day soon!

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The Three Sisters

I had a lovely day at Katoomba. The sun was shining and my bird mates were singing. I made sure to visit the Three Sisters. Did you know that, according to the Dreamtime story, the rocks were once three sisters? Amazing! Anyway, take a look at my photos.





































Off to Umina with the Whites

What a lucky bird I was to go with the White family on their annual holiday to Umina! Check out the slide show below to see what I got up to with Emerson, Kurt, Chet and Nate.


J and Kinta Go to Cairns

Well, J and I jetted off to Cairns for some beautiful mid-winter sunshine. We were very busy but we also had time to relax, as you can see from the slideshow below. Look out for me sunning myself on the beach. One thing I discovered, though, is that crocodiles have sharp teeth!


13 thoughts on “Kinta’s Travels

    1. Hi Kurt,
      Thanks for asking! At the moment I’m staying with Mrs R but I hope to get out and about during the school holidays. I won’t be travelling very far away but I DO like a change of scenery every so often.

  1. I had the pleasure to meet Kinta the other day and he really is quite adventurous. One thing is for sure he really gets around- in fact I think I saw him admiring the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains the other day. I am looking forward to seeing some more pictures of Kinta on your wonderful blog.

    1. You’re quite right, Miss Flowers! Kinta did indeed visit the Three Sisters. Stay tuned for some photos!

  2. Hi everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the photos of my holiday journeys. See you back at school!

  3. Hi Kinta

    Would you like to come with us to America on November 28th?
    It would be so much fun to come with me.

  4. Hello Kinta

    Kinta, it really looks fun over at the Three Sisters.What did it feel like when you went there Kinta?

    Regards, Adam

  5. Hi Mrs R

    I just saw Kinta at the park, I think. Was that a sundae ice-cream? Do you know why I asked this question – because it looks yummmmmy! 🙂 😉 B-) O:-)

    Regards Adam

    1. You know what, Adam? Kinta certainly gets around so I wouldn’t be surprised if it were him. Oh, and by the way, it was a chocolate sundae Kinta ate by the river – yummo!
      Regards, Mrs R.

  6. Hi 2R and Mrs R,

    Thank you so much for commenting on our blog! The students in 5/6J loved reading what you wrote.
    Kinta you had a great time in Cairns! Wow, we are all jealous.

    Maybe Kinta needs to come on holiday with me next time?

    Miss B

    1. Hi Miss B!
      We look forward to seeing your latest holiday snaps after you get back from China. It’s a shame that Kinta’s a bit too big to slip into your bag!
      Regards, Mrs R and 2R.

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