Morning Routine in KR

We work hard from the moment we start the day! Today in morning routine we talked about the weather being cool and rainy. We recorded a weather symbol on our whiteboards and wrote the word ‘cool’. We also wrote the short date and the name of today – Wednesday. After that, we practised our wave writing movements.

Busy, busy, busy!



Harold Comes to KSPS

Wow! Today KR visited the Life Education van. Here it is below:

We met Harold – a shy, friendly giraffe who loved to be cheeky when our guide, Caitlin, wasn’t watching!

Caitlin talked to us about friendship and how to be a good friend. We agreed that good friends are helpful and use kind words; they share and play fairly.

Parents, click here to go to the Life Education website. You’ll find further information and resources to reinforce the learning experiences of KR in the van today.

KR Kids are Learners!

Well, we have been at school for three weeks now and we are developing new knowledge and skills every day. Some of our class members can be seen in the photos below, doing lots of different activities during our writing group time.


In this session, we practised writing our first names with Mrs Rogers guiding us; sorted magnetic letters; attached pegs to our name tags; traced patterns; cut and pasted paper; and used bingo markers to follow curved lines. These activities are very important for strengthening our fingers and preparing us for writing.

Way to go, KR!

A to Z of Ocean Animals

In 2/3R we LOVE learning about ocean animals – there are so many! At the moment, we are reading the fantastic text by Giles Andreae, Commotion in the Ocean. The illustrations by David Wojtowycz are fantastic too. Check out the octopus above!

So, here’s a challenge: can you think of an ocean animal for each letter of the alphabet? Click here for a link to a fabulous website to give you some help.

Excursion to Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

Recently our Year 2 students visited Sydney Sea Life Aquarium and Sydney Wildlife Zoo. What a great day! See some photos below:



Now – a task for you. Choose one of the photos and write a caption to go with it. Your caption will give information to the audience so that they can gain more meaning from the photograph.


Fruit and Veges Galore

Throughout the past few weeks, we have been compiling a list of fruit and vegetables, as well as learning some facts about their history, availability and uses. The most important thing we realised is that FRUIT AND VEGES ROCK! The varieties available to us seem never ending – from the everyday apple to the exotic lychee. Doesn’t it make you want to rush out to your nearest green grocer?

So, we’re going to add some more fruit and vegetables to our list. Click here to go to the Fresh For Kids website. Then, go to the Fruit and Veg menu and start exploring the many fruits and vegetables available. Be sure to add the names of the fruit and vegetables you read about to your list.