Open Day Fun and Games

This week we celebrated Education Week. On Wednesday, we had a very busy day. The festivities started with a fabulous performance called the NED show. We met Angela, who told us how to be champions. H... Read More

2R Pet Show

It’s not always possible to bring our pets to school for a class visit. So, the next best thing is to have a virtual pet show on the blog! Here’s Cruz with a couple of photos of his dog. S... Read More

Swim School Begins

Well, the weather was kind to us today as we started our lessons at swim school. Seven members of 2R went to Penrith Pool with over forty other students from KSPS – and Kinta, too! Swim School c... Read More

Where there’s smoke

What do you do when you’re stuck inside at lunchtime? It was way too smoky to go outside today, due to the bushfires burning in the Blue Mountains. Take a look at the photos to see how we spent ... Read More