5 uses for a word wall

We love our word wall. We refer to it all the time and regularly use it during reading group activities. Take a look at it (and when you do, try to spot the few words in the wrong columns!):


This is just a section of the wall. We add to it every week with at least 10 new words. Though not every word has actually made it up onto the wall, we calculate that, by the end of the year, we will have learned about 400 new words! Incredible!

So, to our list of the top 5 uses for a word wall:

1.  source hero words to produce hero sentences

2. conduct a word hunt based on clues written by both the teacher and students

3. practise sorting words into alphabetical order

4. source words for word games such as boggle, scrabble and bingo

5. play shades of meaning, ordering words according to their strength or modality (this generates a lot of discussion)

What other uses could you suggest for our word wall?

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