Adventures on the High Seas

3/4R has been reading and viewing some incredible texts about Vikings, pirates, weather phenomena and other amazing sea-related subjects. We have been practising locating key vocabulary and developing detailed descriptions of various settings, like the one pictured below:


What a fantastic image!

Let’s generate some key vocabulary to create a fantastic description of this setting. Give three words to describe each of the elements of the image – clouds, sky, lightning and water,

e.g. clouds: dark, billowing, looming

      sky: grey, dull, distant                etc.

Share your words in the comments section. Let’s see what interesting words we can come up with!

2 thoughts on “Adventures on the High Seas

  1. Hi 3/4R,

    5/6J is also writing about Adventures on the High Seas! We have some writing on our blog too, you may want to check it out.

    That is a great image:

    My words are:
    clouds – sombre, dark
    sky – swirling, engulfing,
    lightning – fast, direct,
    water – treacherous, uninviting

    Love Miss B and 5/6J

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