The Last Viking

Hello and welcome to 2015! It’s taken us a while to get started on our blog this year but, finally, here we are.

Our new class, 3/4R, has been enjoying the picture book, The Last Viking, written by Norman Jorgenson and illustrated by James Foley. What a fantastic text!



Click here to watch a trailer for the book.

Now, we find ourselves wanting to know more about the Vikings. Click here to go to the BBC Kids website, where we can make lots of new discoveries about the Vikings. When you get to the website, choose one aspect e.g. family life, and explore the page. Then, do an FQR about the page:

F is for fact ( I learned that . . . . )

Q is for question (I wonder why . . . . .)

R is for response ( I believe that . . . .).

Let’s all broaden our background knowledge about Vikings!

2 thoughts on “The Last Viking

  1. When I read The Last Viking I loved it so much I went to the internet and I read it again and again and again until I had to go to bed for the night.

    1. That’s great, Kirby! I must say, it’s one of my favourite picture books.
      Regards, Mrs R.

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