Mrs R’s Holiday

Well, while 2R students have been settling back into class routine, Mrs R has been on holidays! I have travelled to Jindabyne, Thredbo and Canberra to have some fun in the snow and visit some of the amazing attractions in our nation’s capital. Watch the slideshow below to check out some of the highlights.

8 thoughts on “Mrs R’s Holiday

    1. Thanks Tyler! I have had a great time and now I’m getting ready to come back to school next week. I can’t wait to see what you’ve all been up to!
      Regards, Mrs R.

  1. Dear Mrs Rogers. I loved all those pictures that you took while you were on holiday. I miss you while you are on holiday. I like writing comments to you.
    From Brianna

    1. Thanks Brianna! This holiday has just flown and, before you know it, I’ll be back in the classroom with you next week. I’m looking forward to seeing you all!
      Regards, Mrs R.

  2. Hi Mrs Rogers
    I miss you and I want you to go
    back to our class room.
    I like your photos from your holiday.

    1. Thanks Samantha! I’m looking forward to getting back to school to see what 2R has been up to.
      Regards, Mrs R.

  3. Very cool and great. It looks exciting. I would like to have such a good holiday, just like you Mrs Rogers.:) Have a great holiday, I will see you on Monday from Armaan.

    1. Good on you, Armaan! You’re right – it was a cool holiday. I’ll see you back at school.
      Regards, Mrs R.

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