Emperors of Antarctica

We have been learning about the continents of the world for the past few weeks. One of the most interesting continents so far has been Antarctica. We learned that there are NO polar bears on the continent at all! However, there are LOTS of penguins. Click here to go to a page, in the National Geographic Kids website, that is all about the emperor penguin. Have a little browse through and see if you can pick up some facts about this majestic bird. When you’ve finished, explore the rest of the website and vote on some the polls featured on the home page. My favourite is Which fish is cuter? It’s a hard choice to make between a puffer fish and a clown fish!

2 thoughts on “Emperors of Antarctica

  1. Dear Mrs Rogers, I learned that mother and father penguins work very hard to look after their baby penguins and to provide food for their babies. The dads keep them warm by using their feathers.

    1. Well done, Brianna! Imagine being a penguin – I don’t think it would be an easy life! Thanks for your informative reflection.
      Regards, Mrs R.

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