Reading for Enjoyment

From time to time, one of our reading group tasks is reading for enjoyment. We love it! We get to choose one of the fantastic texts from our classroom library, as well as a pair of wacky glasses or a magnifying glass. Then, we get comfy with a cushion or fold-up chair and spend time reading to ourselves.

We need daily practice at reading in order to improve our reading skills. What a fun way to do it – try reading for enjoyment at home!20140214_12161720140214_12154320140214_121510


14 thoughts on “Reading for Enjoyment

    1. Thanks Alyssa! We can’t see a thing without those glasses when we are reading.
      Regards, Mrs R.

  1. Hi Mrs Rogers and 2R,
    I hope you guys have learnt fantastic new words in reading.I also hope that 2R have increased their reading stamina.

    From Sanjana

  2. Hi Mrs R,

    I like reading fantasy books what do you like reading (nice glasses).

    Bye For Now Mrs R,From Jakob

    1. Hi Jakob!
      At the moment we are enjoying the treehouse series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. We also love Danny Katz and his funny stories about what happens in the playground at “little lunch” – they crack us up! Lastly, Julia Donaldson’s picture books are truly wonderful. We have just read Superworm and we’ll soon be reading Stickman, a favourite of mine.
      Glad you like the glasses!
      Regards, Mrs R.

  3. Hi Mrs R and 2R

    You have some wonderful reading skills.

    From Georgia 🙂

    1. Thanks, Georgia! Looks to me like Miss B has your class doing some really interesting stuff too! I bet your reading skills are tip-top!
      Regards, Mrs R.

  4. Hi Mrs R,

    True practice makes perfect that’s what you teachers tell us, am I right 2R?

    From Sanjana

    1. That’s right, Sanjana! We may not end up being perfect but the idea is to keep improving!
      Regards,Mrs R.

    1. Thanks, Emerson! As you know, I can’t see a thing without them!
      Regards, Mrs R.

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