Exploring Poetry

We have been studying poetry over the past couple of weeks. Last week we read  “The Triantiwontigongolope” by Australian poet C.J. Dennis. Then we drew pictures to represent our visualisations. Check them out below.

20140212_151731 20140212_151534 20140212_151713 20140212_151622





Wow! You wouldn’t want to cross paths with one of THESE insects!

Click here to read “The Triantiwontigongolope”, as well as other poems by C.J.Dennis.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Poetry

  1. I’m pretty sure a couple of these live in Elyza’s bedroom and that is what has made it so messy. Great work 2R.

    1. Yep! These critters are renowned for their ability to mess up innocent children’s rooms! Thanks for checking out our work, Bec!

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