Give Me A Sign! Term 4 Week 6 Homework Task

Last week, we used Auslan sign language to help us sing our song: “It’s Great” in assembly. Now, it’s your turn to learn some more sign language. Click here to go to the Auslan Signbank. Use the sign search box to find the following transport words:

  • bus
  • aeroplane
  • car
  • helicopter
  • boat

Now, watch the demonstrations and practise signing the words yourself until you can perform the signs by memory. On Friday, we’ll all sign the words together!

5 thoughts on “Give Me A Sign! Term 4 Week 6 Homework Task

  1. Hi 2R
    It was fun doing the actions at Auslan-Signbank. It was wonderful.


    1. Hey Stephanie! I’m so impressed that you got on to do your homework straight away. Well done!
      Regards, Mrs R.

  2. Hi Mrs R

    I love doing the actions at Auslan Signbank. All the actions were a bit easy for me. 🙂

  3. Hello 2R
    I spent the whole time doing the homework task. It was really fun doing the task. That is why I kept doing it – even in bed. It was so much fun.

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