Use the force! Term 4 Week 3 Homework Task

What do these 3 pictures have in common?


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That’s right – there is the force of push involved!



Here is a task for you. Around your home there are many items and places you have to push or pull. Compose a list of 1 push and 1 pull for each room in your home. It may look a bit like this:

my bedroom:       push – door shut                      pull- curtains closed

kitchen:                  push – fridge door shut         pull – drawer open

Once you start listing all the pushes and pulls you perform each day, you’ll be amazed!

Bring your list to school on Friday and we will all compare our findings.

3 thoughts on “Use the force! Term 4 Week 3 Homework Task

  1. Hi 2R

    That was a good idea Mrs R. I really like that idea – it’s fantastic!

    Regards Adam

    1. Hi Adam,
      Glad you like the activity! I look forward to seeing your list on Friday.
      Regards, Mrs R.

  2. My mum and dad and I were worried about the fire fighters and hope they will be alright!

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