The Bushfires Come Close

This afternoon, the skies above Kingswood South Public School became very dark and scary looking. We were sad to hear about the bushfires burning out of control at Springwood and, even though it is a fair distance away from us, these photos show how serious the fire is. We are also keeping tabs on the fire as it races towards the Nepean River, one of Kinta’s favourite spots. Our thoughts are with the people who have lost their homes, as well as the brave fire fighters who are working hard to keep us all safe.


This was the view from outside 2R’s classroom this afternoon at about 3.15pm.

28 thoughts on “The Bushfires Come Close

  1. Oh dear, the fires sure did seem to come close to to your school. I’m currently in Japan, so it’s really hard to understand how much fire there was. I hope that everyone in the class is safe.

    1. Hi Luke,
      Thanks for your kind words. We all know somebody who has been affected by the fires. Many of our school staff live in the lower Blue Mountains (where the fire is currently out of control) and we are all hoping that people’s homes and lives will be out of danger soon.
      Regards, Mrs R.

  2. Hi 2R The bushfire is coming very very near us. I hope it doesn’t go near Kingswood South public school.

    1. Hi 2R I hope the fire doesn’t get too close to Kingswood South public school because my grandchild really likes school.

  3. Hi 2R

    That smoke looks dangerouis. It looks like it’s coming closer. The news said the wind is blowing it to us.

    Regards Adam

  4. Hi 2R. I hope the fire didn’t hurt anybody and I really hope that it didn’t get anyone. Regards Conall

  5. Hello 2R

    I really liked the pictures. I thought my house would burn. My friend lives near the Blue Mountains and that is where the fire is.

    Cheers 2R

  6. Hi 2R

    My dad is part of the RFS and I
    know how fire starts – first you need oxygen,
    second you need heat, finally you
    need dry grass. To be continued…
    Regards, Riley

  7. It has been really, really hot in the last couple of days and I was feeling bad for the people who have lost their houses.

  8. How did the fire start and how hot was it? Those photos look like the end of the world.

    1. Well, Cruz, I don’t think we know what started the Springwood fire yet, but it sure spread quickly. You’re right – it does look pretty scary in the photos.
      Regards, Mrs R.

  9. Hi 2R, I had a helicopter fly over my house. Someone who used to go to my church lives in the mountains.

  10. Hi 2R,

    It looks like the smoke is coming closer. It looks dangerous to me. The news said the wind is going to blow the fire to us.

    Regards Adam

    1. Hi Sayer!
      It’s great to have you visit us here at the blog! We all miss you and your wonderful sisters too. It’s not the same at KSPS without you. Please come back and visit again soon, and tell us all about your new school.
      Regards, Mrs R and 2R.

  11. Hi Mrs R

    Sayer was at our house on Saturday so we showed her the blog and she posted that comment .

    Regards Emerson

    1. Hey Emerson!
      That was a great idea to show Sayer our blog. Now she can stay in touch with all of us.
      Regards, Mrs R.

  12. Hi 2R

    On Saturday Kurt and I went to a place in Manly called Manly Waterworks. As well as our family, Sayer and Kirby went.
    There are three slides – a green one, yellow one and a black one called the insane earth worm. Inside the earth worm it is very very dark (scary!) and fast and there is water at the bottom of the slides. You also need special boards. After we went there we had Hungry Jacks for lunch, then we went back to the slides and after that we played at the beach. Next, we dropped Kirby home and played with her kittens. When we got home, Sayer played at our house and when her sisters got here we had dinner and iceblocks. Sayer went home at 8 o’clock.

    Regards Emerson

    1. Wow Emerson! That sounds like so much fun! I love your description of the insane earthworm.
      Regards, Mrs R.

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