Book Character Parade

During Book Week this year, we had the opportunity to dress up as book characters and take part in the annual KSPS book character parade. Here are some of our class members in their costumes.

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Some of the book characters are easy to recognise, whilst others are a little more tricky – but all are very clever! Many thanks to 2R parents who put so much thought and effort into creating our characters for the book parade.

14 thoughts on “Book Character Parade

  1. Hi 2R

    Those photos of the book parade look awesome. I hope there’s going to be more.

    Regards Kurt

  2. Good one, Kurt!
    What a great time we all had at the book parade. I’m already thinking about my costume for next year . . . .
    Regards, Mrs R

  3. Hello 2R
    I really love the costumes. I hope there are more funny and wonderful costumes next year and Mrs Rogers I hope you are wearing another funny costume.

  4. Hi 2R

    I am hoping to see more photos of the book parade because that’s when I can tell more people are joining.

    Regards Kurt

  5. Hi 2R,

    What awesome photos we have there! It’s fun to see everyone wearing their favourite book character’s costume. I wish I could be someone more interesting next year’s book parade!

    Best Regards,

  6. Hello 2R
    Wow!All those costumes look real to me.I’m going to do that next year.They look fantastic.I hope you do that next year.
    Regards Adam

  7. Hello 2R
    This is Dylan’s mum all the kiddies look good in there costumes for book parade…
    I Like 2R’s blog.
    Regards Deb (Dylan’s mum) 🙂

    1. Hi Mrs L!
      Thanks for your comment – it’s great to have our parents visit the blog and get involved.
      Regards, Mrs R

  8. Hi 2R
    I loved all the costumes and everything the mums and dads made for the book week parade
    from Kirby

    1. Hi Kirby!
      Great to see your first comment on the blog. Stay tuned for action with Kinta!
      Regards, Mrs R

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