Cactus visits KSPS

Recently, we had a special guest at KSPS. Miss Martin, our principal, brought one of her horses to meet us. His name is Cactus. Miss Martin showed us how she brushes Cactus to keep him clean and shiny. She fed him some hay and a carrot –  a treat he really enjoyed! Miss Martin also explained how much care a horse needs in order to keep it in top condition.

Cactus was very well-behaved. He is welcome back to visit us anytime!

IMG_6145Though Cactus works with Miss Martin in rodeo, she showed us what a jockey’s saddle looks like on him. Not much space to sit on!


IMG_6133Miss Martin showed us how she brushes Cactus’ coat. It is smooth and shiny.


IMG_6138Here is Cactus eating a well-deserved carrot.


IMG_6143Cactus is a large horse – over 15 hands.

13 thoughts on “Cactus visits KSPS

    1. Hi Dylan<
      Glad you're enjoying the blog. I'm looking forward to having 2R use it every day!
      Regards, Mrs R

  1. Hi 2R
    I think that Cactus is cute and soft and I hope he is kept well by Miss Martin.


  2. Hi 2R
    I like the way that Cactus is soft and cute. I wish I could pat Cactus again.


    1. Hi Lachlan!
      That’s a very good question! Remind me to ask Miss Martin when we see her next. Then we can let everyone know. I DO know that his birthday is on 1st August – because that is the day ALL horses celebrate their birthdays!

    2. Hey Lachlan!
      I’ve asked Miss Martin and she told me that Cactus is 15 years old. I was very surprised to hear that! I think he looks much younger.
      Regards, Mrs R

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