Melbourne Cup Art

We have been inspired by a recent excursion taken by our year 4 friends to “Fernhill”. They had the opportunity to learn all about horses and horse racing. We have been working on artwork to represent the essence of the Melbourne Cup.

First, we used fineliners to draw zentangle patterns inside the horse outline. Then, after looking at many images of jockey silks, we painted a background using watercolours. The background represents some of the many colours and patterns that can be seen on jockey silks. After that, we made some finishing touches by colouring the jockey and splashing him/her with some glitter glue.

Take a look at our artwork page to see all the finished pieces so far.


6 thoughts on “Melbourne Cup Art

  1. Hello 2R
    Those were lovely Melbourne Cup artworks. I hope there will be more wonderful Melbourne Cup Art.
    Regards, Adam

  2. Hello Adam!
    There certainly is more artwork to be posted soon. Stay tuned!
    Regards, Mrs R.

    1. Hi Kurt!
      Cactus looks great, doesn’t he?! What a beautiful horse! I’m sure he’s well looked after by Miss Martin.
      Regards, Mrs R.

  3. Hello 2R
    I really like your horse paintings. I am looking forward to seeing more paintings.


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